We are an advertising agency with 10 years’ experience on the promotional product market. We specialize in providing innovative marketing solutions to business Customers. We hate being pigeonholed, so we jump at every opportunity that enables us to extend our competence. The time when an advertising agency’s task was to propose a simple pen to a Customer is long over. Owing to an open attitude, we are a provider of advertising materials, such as gadgets, promotional textiles as well as any BTL solutions. We possess our own logistics centre, an extended graphics department and programming possibilities that are strongly business reality-based. Goldenberry is a one stop shop. We will find you a gadget, decorate and price it, organise shipments, co-packing, handle running web shops, B2B competitions and B2C activities. Need someone who will establish a training platform for your company, run a loyalty programme or lottery? You couldn’t find a better company!