As an advertising agency, we go beyond preconceived notions and look at many things from the out-of-the-box perspective. And so we did by opening ourselves to digital solutions for our Customers. Owing to our experience, non-cliché-thinking managing staff and well-qualified team, we provide Customers with promo shops. We buy a domain, and thanks to our extended graphics department the e-store is suited to all the aesthetic requirements of the Customer. Web shops are characterised by Material Design technology; they are equipped in the mechanism of a typical online store as well as in tools controlling users’ budgets. As part of B2B competitions and B2C activities, we manage web platforms for communication and competition management. We support the logistics of prizes; we engage the participants and we give them an intuitive administration panel at their disposal. Thanks to those solutions, we unburden marketing departments of our Customers, which, at the same time, aids the sales. Being a one stop shop, we free our Customers from the excess of duties, thus facilitating the internal functioning of the corporation. Our advanced IT solutions are created with the use of the most cutting-edge tools and IT techniques. We quickly and efficiently create analyses of business processes, design and implement IT systems and applications – desktop applications, online applications and applications for smart phones. We can build a Customer a comprehensive portal which will be equipped in a chat, internal electronic mail, notifications, an elaborate social networking part, or an application for smart phones. There is no such e-commerce department that would keep any secrets from us!